Friday, January 25, 2019

Events Conspire ...

A friend asked me to pick up an iTunes card for her when I was in town. $50 denomination. I tried the grocery store - nope, not there. I tried the discount store - they only had $25 cards. I tried the drug store - nope, they don't sell them at all. Events were conspiring to prevent me from getting it for her. I thought I might stop at another grocery store on the way home, but I paused. This wasn't right. I looked back at her request. It wasn't like her at all. I called her. Sure enough it was a scam - discovered before any damage was done.

The last year has been stressful, and when it was at its worst some months back, I remembered a counsellor I'd seen years ago, one whose insight and kindness made life much easier, and wondered if he was still in the same town. I didn't call at the time, but just last week, he called me about another matter - a book he'd just had published about Autism. Of course I'll see him over the book, and yes, it's been a tough year, I could use some grief counselling, too. Events conspired to bring me exactly what I needed.

When a wrenched back muscle put me in bed for a few days, it meant I couldn't do all I'd planned to do that week. On day 1, when the weather turned stormy and driving became hazardous, I felt relieved that the choice to drive in it was taken out of my hands.

On the way to the clinic in another city, my Jeep started misfiring a few blocks from our destination. But Tom was right beside me. We agreed it had to be spark or fuel, and given this was a cold, cold day, we thought we'd start with gas-line antifreeze. A few minutes later we arrived at the clinic, and who would have thought there'd be an auto parts store in the same plaza? Turns out condensation in the gas tank led to a bit of water in the gas - an uncomplicated, inexpensive fix, and a smooth ride home. Events conspired to make my life easier.

If I'd allowed my frustration to kick in while looking for the iTunes card, I would likely have kept on trying, and missed the way the universe was trying to help out. If I'd ignored the opportunity to get some counselling, even though the call was about his book, I would have missed out on some energizing and helpful conversation. The back pain put me into bed. If it had been a bit less, I might have pushed through the pain to try and keep those appointments even in blowing snow and whiteouts, adding a layer of anxiety on top of the pain. As for the Jeep, I did my own gut check in advance and things seemed fine for the drive ahead. Was my gut misleading me? Not at all. If this had happened when I was in the car on my own, it would have been much more stressful for me. 

It takes faith to trust that life is working with me and not against me. Frustration, fear and stress work against that. But by living my life as though events are conspiring to smooth the way for me, trust builds. Even when things seem to be going wrong. 

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