Monday, April 23, 2018

The Default Value

Things have been humming along pretty well. I'm feeling better than I have in months, with energy to take on more than usual. It's summertime and I am a summer girl. I love the warmth and sunshine and birds and flowers.

The trouble is that when things are humming along well, I take it as the default value.

Then when I wake up with a rash, or gain a couple of pounds, or have an argument with a loved one, or get a flat tire, it feels like an affront, a failure. I thought I'd finished with that rash 10 years ago. Now here it is again.

It all seems a bit worse than the normal ups and downs of life.

What I forget is that 'ups and downs' includes 'downs.' The default value needs to be up and down, summer and winter, gain and lose, joy and annoyance.