Wednesday, December 28, 2022


I've been working on an article for the blog and it hasn't been coming together. I've been getting distracted by things that are more fun. And that could be what I'm missing in the writing.

So, fun it is!

I just watched the show "Becoming You" on Apple+ over the holidays. I was blown away by the kids. Here's their description so you know what I'm talking about: It's a "series about child development that explores how the first 2,000 days on Earth shape the rest of our lives. Told through the eyes of over 100 children across the world, from Nepal to Japan and Borneo, each episode offers a thought-provoking look at how children learn to think, speak and move, from birth to age 5."

Wow these kids amazed me. We get caught in our circles and cultures and forget how marvellous humans are as a race: a little kid learning how to mount a reindeer, another taking her first swim in deep water, another learning how to handle her feelings. The kids weren't the only ones having fun, I was too.

What is it about kids and fun?

They play. They risk trying out new things. They experiment to see what works and what doesn't.

Kids commit to learning and developing new skills. They lean into life. And they have fun in the doing. Kids can get so absorbed in what they are doing they don't notice how cold their fingers are. Work for them is fun.

Kids laugh easily. Hearing a fart rip in a room can change the energy instantly. A kid's laugh invites us to laugh along.

Kids are creative and imaginative. They make stuff and make stuff up. They look at things from different angles. They get down. They look at the small things. They get up close. They wonder.

Kids love to be surprised and delight in the absurd. They love it when they expect to see a jellyfish and it turns out to be a banana.

And they are not afraid to get dirty. The dirtier the kid, the more fun you know she had.

I may watch the series again. I can't go back to being a kid, but I can bring more of that back into my life.

It'll be fun.