Friday, April 21, 2023

Power - The Banker Story

I used to run into trouble when people in positions of power found out what I do for a living. Psychic? You can almost see the emotions rush across their faces. Is this real? Is she a fraud? Aren't they all? Does she know about my affair?

I rush in to reassure them if I want to smooth the way. "I'm sure you are good at this too," I said to the banker. "I imagine there are times when you sit here at this desk across from someone who has all the right paperwork, but something feels off. Do you trust your gut?" "Yes," he said, visibly relieved. I continued, "Same thing. I just specialize in that."

I'd disrupted his comfortable position. It challenged his beliefs and his position of power in the room. I didn't intend to disrupt his day, I just wanted a new credit card for the business. So I was willing to soften the challenge by reaffirming his status.