Saturday, April 24, 2021

From the Archives

From the Starry Night archives: some old stories I found that, even if a bit outdated, seemed fitting for today's times. Here they are in no special order:

Mind the Gap 

"During the gap time, I feel creative and eager to jump into a new project, but no matter how hard I try, it's just not right. It's as though part of me is embracing the new me, but the old me hasn't quite let go."

It happened again recently. I ordered a few small things from IKEA and while the colander was perfect, the study lamp was too tall. What was I thinking?

Living Each Day

"Living Each Day is about spending time on what I value. And some days, sitting out in the sunshine reading a book is the very best thing I could be doing with my time."

The gap time is a good time for me to revisit my values and find ways to realign with them. 


"The fragrances of the summer day were so strong that they pulled my attention away from the problem and back into the moment. They reminded me that there were more important things to do than mull over problems."

Pandemic news can be so compelling, I need joy for balance.

Simple Pleasures

"I love hanging out the laundry in the nice weather. It's not just an excuse to get some fresh air and sunshine, it's good for me. The simple pleasure I take from it gives me a time out from all the other matters that want my attention and helps integrate me."

Taking care of myself is so important. So are simple pleasures.


"When I step outside each morning and listen to the sounds around me, it helps me reconnect with the whole world. When I light a candle for a friend, it helps me bring the emotions I am feeling into a positive physical form. When I feel overwhelmed, making a cup of tea is a small ritual that can bring me back into myself. While the rituals themselves are not the meaning, they are not superficial. We need them. We love them. We use them all the time."

Sometimes I just need to sit down and have a cup of tea.