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Talking With Nature - A Course in Mysticism -11


Lesson 11:

In the last lesson, you worked with your commitment to your connection with nature. This lesson will be all outdoors.


Today, you will move to another aspect of nature. You may be with your tree if you like, but today's focus will be on something else. Choose an animal, a flower, the wind, water the stars, a grove of trees, a lake or any other area you are drawn to and connect as you have with the tree you chose. Take as long as you need to make the connection. Allow yourself to notice distractions or difficulties. And when you do, move through them and back to the intent to connect. If you found yourself captivated by one aspect of nature and then lost it, try another.

You may be relieved that this exercise has come up because something else has been calling to you for some time.

Notice that the connection can be made in the same way as you have used before. But the intention and invitation is different. The way of the connection may be different, too. If you have been a witness to your tree, you may find yourself a participant in the energy you select this time, or vice versa.

The differences in the feel of energies may be subtle or profound. Work with them however they present themselves to you. Allow it to be whatever it is and record your experiences.


How did you make out with this? Did you find it as easy, or tougher? What did you do that was different that made this new connection possible?

What this was like for me:

I found that choosing something different can feel very different. The wind feels different than the gentle energy of a lily. Moving water feels different than a hawk. But underneath it all, I feel a sense of divinity, of love, of grace and beauty.

Taken to their lowest common denominator, they remind me that we are all one.

Questions others have asked:

Q. Is this work with nature really going to amount to much in the grand scheme of things?

A. Yes. I think so. You are putting energy into something loving, compassionate and inherently divine. I feel that this can do nothing but add to the high energies already present in the world. As you stand with nature, you may come to know this for yourself. You may see that each and every part of nature, including yourself is important.

As with the rest of this course, everything here is optional. Do what is right for you at your own pace.

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