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Talking With Nature - A Course in Mysticism - 12

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Lesson 12:

This is the last lesson.

As we explore this interaction with nature, we may discover that the "I" who calls is the "I" who responds. We may see that when we disrespect a tree, we disrespect ourselves. We may discover that we really are one.

Apple tree:

"When you ask us to tell you about our energy, we will tell you. But a true knowing comes from the realization that there is no apple or human that is separate from each other. They are both different points of attention of the same all-encompassing consciousness."

Our relationship with nature is a partnership. We can not listen as a parent to a child or as a child to a parent. When we listen with our hearts, we listen differently.

"Hear not the sound, but the silence that surrounds it. See not the form, but the space of which it was formed. All Life is the Diversity of One. "

As we begin to feel the rhythms of life and move with them, we may begin to get a sense of the rightness - the perfection - of this expression. We may begin to realize that our whole being is as perfect as any flower, as perfect as a mountain, as perfect as a minnow, or as perfect as a bumblebee.

What this was like for me:

Talking with nature has changed my life and continues to change it every day. It enhances, me, empowers me and humbles me. It's joyful. It's fun. It's affirming.

I hope you find it as much fun as I have.

The Spring:
"Walk in light and your walk becomes a blessing. Walk in love and your walk is a gift. Walk in meditation and your walk becomes sacred. Laugh with us as we dance beside you on your walk. Play with us as you walk in light. Sing with us and hear our song of joy and laughter. Rise from the clouds of unawareness to the light of conscious understanding. Let your light shine as you walk with us. Let your light shine as you talk with the people you talk with, as you drive your car, as you greet your friends, as you touch your child. Allow us to give you our gift of laughter and light and joy. Allow us to bless you. You are worthy. Each and every one of you is worthy of the highest love, the highest light, the highest blessing. Dance with us, if just for a moment, and feel our blessing wash through you. We are the Spirits of the Spring. Dance with us."
Further reading:

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