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Talking With Nature - A Course in Mysticism - 6


Lesson 6:

In the last lesson, you looked at some more reasons why we might want to talk to nature. In this lesson you will find out who can talk with nature and if there are any good times for it. You will also have a meditation in sensing energy, which expands upon the exercises you have completed in focus and concentration.

Who Can Talk to Nature?

Anyone can. If we have ever been drawn to a certain tree or rock or pond, we have been in communion with it at some level. If we have ever sat in comfort under a tree and sighed our relief, we have been allowing its energies to mix with ours. We felt union with nature as kids. It is possible to recapture that. Perhaps we have just forgotten how.

When can we do this?

Do we have to set aside a special time or place? I don't think so. This work can be done while waiting for the bus, mowing the lawn, watching out the window. All we need is the intent and will - and maybe a bit of practice.

You'll need a houseplant for your next meditation. You can do this meditation immediately a before your task in nature or along with your task. Read it through and then decide how you want to handle it. This meditation is about sensing energy. You may discover that you have been sensing unseen energy all the time, but have never quite brought that fact fully into your awareness.

If you don't have a houseplant, use a stone.

1. Find a comfortable spot to sit, somewhere in your home and get a good feel for your energy. Take as long as you need to relax, get centred and become aware of the Song of Your Being. Put your houseplant nearby, but not so close that it interferes with your ability to listen to your Soul's Song.

2. Make a mental note of what your energy is like at the time.

3. Now pick up the houseplant and set it down in front of you. Greet it and thank it for being with you. Get into that same feel of love and affection that you have for the tree you have chosen outdoors. Recognize the beauty of the plant. Recognize and value the living energy of it.

4. Thoroughly get a feel for the energy of the plant in whatever way seems appropriate for you. Take as much time as you need. This houseplant resonates with certain tone in your own energy field. How does the feel of this differ from the feel you had earlier in the exercise when you were simply sitting in the Song of Your Being?


Take this exercise out into nature and repeat it with the tree you have chosen to work with in this course. Make a note of any differences, insight or ideas you had.


How did you make out with this? Jot down what you noticed in the energies of the houseplant and tree as they differed from your own energies. Put it into words as best you can. Don't worry about how it sounds. It can be difficult to describe. We don't have words in English for much of these feelings or perceptions.

What this was like for me:

I discovered that what I was consciously doing here was something I'd unconsciously done all my life. If you've ever driven through a small town that made you want to lock the car doors, you will see that this is something you also have done all your life. Another town might have nice enough energy that you want to stop there for a bit. Although I found it hard to put into words, there was a noticeable difference in the feel of the houseplant when I turned my attention to it and became aware of it.

Questions others have asked:

Q. I don't know how to describe what I felt. I didn't get words, but noticed something.

A. It really helps to change your frame of reference when trying to describe these feelings or sensations. Ask yourself, if this was a colour, what colour would it be? If it was a dance, would it be a tango, a waltz or ballet? If it was a song, what kind of music would it sing? If it was a sense of movement, describe the movement. Does it bubble or does it explode outwards? What direction does it seem to move? When people have done this course with me in my home they often describe the African Violet as having a round sort of feeling or a sweet way about it. They describe the Aloe Vera as explosive. Its energy seems to move quickly outwards in a happy burst of movement.

As with the rest of this course, everything here is optional. Do what is right for you at your own pace.

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