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Talking With Nature - A Course in Mysticism - 3


Lesson 3:

In the last section you learned how to get a sense of your core self. You also learned a bit about some of the types of energies you might encounter in nature. I will continue that here.

Combined Energies

At the beginning of the course, I mentioned how some devas seem to be over-riding energies of other nature spirits, or over-riding energies of certain places. Nature spirit energies appear to combine in an infinite number of patterns to create blended energies. I also talked about how nature can sometimes seem to have characteristics that we can use to mimic in order to enhance our spiritual growth.

'Forest floor' combines these concepts in this reading:

"Even in the murkiest place, you can find sunlight, nourishment and love. Even in the darkest corners of the forest, in the muddiest underbrush, you find life teeming joyously - expressions of growth, of change, of movement, beauty in the most unexpected ways. Allow yourself to experience this beauty. Explore the darker places in your emotions and thoughts. Explore the pains and negativities in your body, and give thanks for them. For they do have movement, light, growth and joy. All of them, no matter how dark they may seem, are expressions of joy."

Further to what we have covered in being aware of your own energy, read what cedar has said about this:

"Feel the shelter of my branches, not only sheltering you from outside influences, but sheltering you emotionally from the disruptions and chaos of your everyday world. Allow yourself to stand within the bounds of my energy. Allow my energy to be a part of yours and it will warm and nurture you, shelter you and filter outside influences to the point where you can feel what your own energy is."

I have found cedar energy to be warming and nurturing energy. This can help me to find my centre. But this is not limited to cedar. For me, standing in any aspect of nature with attentiveness does the same thing. Any tree, flower, rock or animal will offer the same pure, unconditional love that gives me the space I need to find my centre.

Once I find that space, I seem to be inspired. If you have ever been writing something or working on a project that seems to be flowing so well, it seems to do the work itself, you know you have found that place. When you review the results of your activities later on, you may be astounded that you were able to produce such work in such an effortless fashion. You were inspired.

By finding that place in your centre, you open to all the energies around you that resonate with that. Nature is inspired, and so are you when you allow yourself to let it flow. You are a part of nature after all.


You will begin by repeating your task from the last lesson. Sit or stand with the tree you have chosen. Stay with it or 15 minutes as a minimum. While you are there, evoke that same sense of love and affection as you did before. Do not expect results. Just be with the tree.

Repeat the process of listening to the Song of Your Being. This time, imagine that you are using the pure and beautiful energies of your tree to enhance your ability to become more aware of your own energy.


In your notebook, jot down if you found an opportunity since you did the last lesson to get a sense of this energy throughout your day. If you did not, don't worry. Read the next section where questions have been answered. If you did, note if this has changed at all since you started to practice it and in what ways. Has it become easier? Did you use a specific set of steps that seemed to be right for you to bring you to that place?

What this was like for me:

I sometimes still have trouble remembering to get into my centre through the day. I get upset with events and people just as anyone does and it's often long into that feeling of upset that I remember that I don't have to feel that way. The trick is not to get upset with myself for forgetting.

When I do get into the place where I am in the Song of My Being, I enter a state of joyfulness that is difficult to describe. This did not happen instantly for me, but developed over weeks and months. It may actually have been there all along, but I didn't recognize it for what it was. But now, after years of finding that space, and most often finding it while in nature, all I have to do is think about being in nature and I feel a gentle rush of pleasure move into my energy field. This can be a place of great insight, inspiration and clarity of perception since it is my own natural flow. I still wonder at times that a person as ordinary as I am, with all my faults and worries and problems can find this wisdom from within.

Overall, I find that I am a happier person now than I used to be. I believe that this is a direct result of getting to know who I am through meditation, of listening to the Song of My Being.

Questions others have asked:

Q. I have trouble finding the time or space to practice listening to the Song of My Being through the day. It seemed hard for some reason. What can I do?

A. Remember that everything in this course is optional. If it is just too hard, skip it or do something else. But if you feel you need some ideas about how to make it work, there is much you can do.

Picture yourself doing so in the days to come. Be clear about how you can do this when you are stopping during breaks from work, while bathing, while beginning meals, while starting any new task as well as while in the presence of your tree. Seeing places and times when you can realistically do this can help you to open the energy to making it happen. Picture them as thoroughly as you can, using all your senses. What might you be wearing? How might you feel at the time and how does this activity alter that? What room might you be in? Are there other people around? What might the weather be like?

Ask yourself if you have given yourself permission to do this. Do you secretly believe that this is just for someone else and not you? Why? What makes you so non-special? What might you need to do to feel as though it's all right for you to move ahead with this?

Praise yourself when you remember. Really. I mean that literally. Praise yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Be nice to yourself. Practice it now, even if it feels weird. Pat yourself on the back.

Forgetting is utterly natural. You have a lifetime of not remembering behind you and it can take a while to set some new patterns in place.

Keep this in mind throughout the course. It's never too late to set some of these patterns in place. If you feel like you might be falling behind, stop at the lesson you are on and practice for as long as you need before moving on. You know best what your own pace is.

Q. I'm still struggling with the 'forest floor' exercise.

A. In this case, the 'forest floor' is an example of a combination of energies rather than an exercise. In your own experience, there may be a place nearby in which the energies combine to create an energy that seems to be unique to the area - in a special grove of trees, an area with rocks and streams, a special meadow. Whatever combination exists in your area can be used as an example. When I looked at the 'forest floor' that day, that is what I saw and that is what the 'forest floor' said to me. When you look at the 'forest floor', it might say something totally different. Allow it to say what it does to you, for each of us are different. What we see, what we feel, what we understand and what we need to understand is different.

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