Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Channeling and Creativity

I am coming to believe that things like channeling, mediumship and other things psychic are really a form of creativity.

Artists and writers who are aware that when greatness happens in their work, realize that it comes from a connection to something greater than their immediate selves. They know they do their best work when they allow that openness. That very same openness is a prime characteristic of things psychic or mystical or inspired.

Inspiration often comes through the easiest outlet. For me, it often comes through in language, metaphor and poetry, and through body sensations. For someone who is a feeler, that greatness may come through as a healing touch or a beautiful garden. For someone who thinks in space and place, it may come through as design or direction. Each of us has our strengths and our passions. When we play with them, we open naturally to the greatness that is available to us all, that is a part of us all. Our very being is creativity in action.

By seeing the process of channeling as having another separate thing/being/entity enter my separate physical body, while my own mind and will step aside somehow, I think we may miss something important. The connection is made through opening, combining, through meeting other essence and life and energy in a friendly and equal way.

And here lies the paradox. To make the connection, there can be no separateness. Yet separation is required as a distinction.

If I focus on “The Divine Entity is over there and I am over here,” I do not honour the Divinity in myself even though the connection can only be made through my divinity. Many channellers use this way of seeing their work as a way to perceive the difference between “Themselves as just themselves” and “Themselves as the intelligence that comes through them.”

The stronger they assert that they are stepping aside, the stronger they want to believe that they can give voice to a message that is more pure than they are. Jane Roberts went from hearing quiet suggestions and having inner feelings to the development of a distinct Seth personality that did not need her reading glasses to see. She fought with her need to maintain integrity in her work with “Seth”, and so the persona of Seth was needed to satisfy her doubts. Many other channellers believe that the persona of their own version of “Seth” is an actual other separate entity and not a construct of their own mind, developed to protect them and to protect their integrity. This type of separation mentality can actually hinder the creative process involved.

Channeling, mediumship and other psychic things are not about chopping life up as though everything were separate bits. They are about including all life, energy, beings and and working with the innate interconnectedness to touch upon the fantastic, the curious, the mystical, the informative, the muse.