Sunday, June 26, 2016

Easier Does Not Equal Ease


I was driving home after a busy day and dithered over stopping at a sick friend's house for a short visit. It was a bit out of my way and there was ice cream melting in the back of the car, but I knew she'd appreciate it. I'm her friend. I the end, I asked myself which choice brought greater ease. I went straight on home.

There's a difference between ease and easier. It was certainly easier to drive straight home. But greater ease about the choice wasn't a measure of how difficult it was, but how my gut felt. I felt a gut clench at taking the detour and stopping at her place. So I went straight on home.

Whatever my choice, it needs to feel right. Balance is achieved by doing what feels right. When I feel unease, it is life pushing back. So I have to ask myself, "What do I feel?" or "What do I need?" or "What brings me feelings of ease right now?" Not my friends, or neighbours. Not an authority figure or my inner critic. Me. Life.

When I am drawn to something it is spirit drawing me to spirit, life drawing me to balance. When I feel a joyful urge to throw myself into the lake on a hot day, it is the lake and my connection to it that is calling. The urge doesn't come from only me and the lake, it comes from the interconnection. Me-Lake. I call spirit. Spirit is calling me to call spirit.

On that day with ice cream melting in the car, it was home that called me.

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