Sunday, June 26, 2016



In my Sunny Day this morning, my joyful intention was "Today I'll stop to smell the flowers, and the cinnamon buns and the coffee." Later in the morning, I got sudden whiff of chocolate. I paused and enjoyed it for a moment. So was the reading suggesting I would encounter many lovely scents? Or was it inviting me to pay attention to the ones there? Chicken or egg? Prediction or self-fulfilling prophesy?

I wonder if it isn't both. When we resonate with something, we meet it and it meets us back.

In his book, "The Physics of Angels," Rupert Sheldrake spoke about how if you lift a piano lid, press the sustain pedal, chant 'ooo', the piano says 'ooo' back. Say 'aaa' on the same note and the piano replies 'aaa'.

Each of us (who is) created, resonates with all of creation.

It's more vast than my mind can comprehend.

People ask me how distant healing or readings can possibly work when the person doing the asking is sitting 1000 miles away. Resonance may explain some of this. As I put myself in a harmonious energetic state, this state resonates with that of the angels or other high energy I am getting, which also resonates with the same energies in the client. The positive energy is already in us all, but by meeting, it resonates between us all, across space and time. Prayer isn't just a thought to wish someone well, it is living it: wellness meeting wellness, or joy meeting joy, or ease meeting ease, or trust meeting trust, and when more of us join in, the resonance becomes stronger.

Music can do this. When many in a group get into the right "energy space" (for lack of a better term,) there comes a point when the music becomes a presence in and of itself in the room with them. When the musicians all feel that presence, they know they have transcended themselves.

Ok, while this talk of transcendence and crossing time and space sounds pretty high and mighty, it doesn't hurt me to remember that this is about real moments in everyday life. A kind thought or a shared laugh resonates across space. A reminder to stop and smell the flowers resonates across time with a waft of chocolate scent in the air.

Our joy is bigger than we know.

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