Saturday, June 25, 2016

In Spite of My Best Efforts


A card flipped out of the deck I was shuffling for a reading and dropped onto the floor. If I take the approach that Life/Universe/Angels/God is trying to make things better for me, then this card was the one that would be perfect for Colleen. For some reason, the energy of Willow Tree resonated with her on that day, its energy of protection, support and eternal friendship exactly what she needed.

I could have picked up the card, put it back in the deck and re-shuffled, assuming it was a clumsy error. But I'd rather believe that there is meaning in life, a greater loving plan.

I've seen enough evidence in my own life to know that sometimes the Angels laugh with/at me in a delightful way. I've been sidetracked from my plans often enough to find that the detour is actually a better route than the one I had in mind. Even when I am determined to see my own plans through, Life will steer me lovingly towards a better solution.

I may not ever know what the higher plan is, or be able to make any assumptions about my day, but it's nice to know that in spite of my best efforts to direct life the way I think it should go, my Angels have my back.

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