Sunday, June 26, 2016



My office has stars on the ceiling.

My daughter put the stars on the ceiling when the office was her bedroom. She liked the way they glowed after the light was turned off for the night. She painted the walls blue and then painted white clouds on the blue walls. These were some of the things that made her feel good about the room. When she grew up and I moved my office back upstairs from the basement, I kept my daughter’s stars – and I added my own touches that make me feel good about the room – like the mirrors that bounce the light around, and the colourful file folders.

I don’t think of her every time I notice the stars or the blue walls that still line the closet. But something lovely of her has been left behind in this room. It adds a sweetness to the work I do in here. Long after this room passes on to someone else, her energy and my energy and even the energy of all the people who have talked with us while we have been here, will leave their traces.

We leave imprints wherever we go. The world is changed because we have been here. If the energy that lingers is difficult, it can be easily cleared, but when it is pleasant, we may want to keep it around for a while, even though we know it will eventually dilute and then dissipate.

But for now, I work in a room with stars on the ceiling. And I hope that whoever inherits this room from my daughter and then from me will enjoy the traces we have left behind.

(Update June 26, 2016: Since this was written the room has become our main TV room, and yes, it still has her stars on the ceiling)

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