Sunday, June 26, 2016



I wonder how much we have deviated from the inner wisdom we all possess. We're so busy analysing the world that we forget we are living here. When birds flock to warmer climates in the Autumn, they do this out of instinct. Instinct, in the sense of being more in tune with their connection with the world. They feel the inner need to go and they don't reason it out or analyse their choices. They simply go.

I often feel the inner urge to organize and fluff my nest at this time of year. I can fight it if I want, but if I do I may lose something important along the way. If I make a pattern of fighting it, due to a busy schedule or rational cause-and-effect thinking, my whole being is in conflict.

I may think I am being rational. But even my rational mind suspects that the birds have it right.

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