Sunday, June 26, 2016

Putting Away Unfinished Business


I said something at the book club the other day, which now, in retrospect I wonder wasn't a spoiler for a book I'd read but another member said she hadn't finished. I do like people to think well of me, and haven't yet given up my longstanding habit of trying to be perfect, so I wondered if I should do something to put these vague uncomfortable feelings to bed.

I drew a card. The card suggested I let it go.

But how? It still was niggling away in the back of my mind as unfinished business and I wanted to clear it right out of my energy.

Then I had an idea: I imagined I had a basket beside me, put the unfinished business in it, and handed it over to my angels. If there was some action I needed to take on this in the future, I could trust them to hand it back to me (hopefully with instructions.)

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